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Joseph Chung, Founder & Creative Director

Joseph Chung is distinguished by his obsession for real world results – he is a rare bird who sees the big picture and only interested in a long term solution for his clients. Joe found Brand Tiger to focused solely on helping small businesses to take the next step.

Before founding Brand Tiger, Joe was a founder and a designer at JCDC, a digital studio with over 150 clients.  His clients ranges from the biggest privately held structural engineering firm to an aspiring TV show star.

Joe started his professional career as a Jr. art director in a small advertising agency in Chicago where he learned about branding from the Leo Burnett Creative Director. Abstract Artist at his heart, Joe’s main discipline is an old school graphic design – Paul Rand is his childhood hero.

Joe’s sculpture art

Joe graduated from Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor and majored in Graphic Design. Joe later attended Master of Architecture at Univ. of Michigan before he decided to start his own digital studio. Joe is a connoisseur for Mediterranean, Asian cuisine, and fried southern foods. He is a huge fan of Univ. of Michigan Football.

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