Project Description

A stain protection company named Perma Guard™ introduced themselves to us like this:

Perma-Guard™ has been in business since 1987. We offer state of the art stain protection/stain removal and upholstery cleaning services for fabric, carpet and leather in Southern California. Our company takes your carpet, fabric and upholstery stain and cleaning problems seriously. Owner, Scott A. Balachio sees to it that our clients get the satisfaction they deserve. We are the go-to and trusted stain protection/stain removal and upholstery cleaning company used by many high-end property owners and celebrities in Southern California. Have stained or dirtied carpet? Need stain protection for your upholstery and other home fabrics? You don’t need to go far! We have the solution for all stain protection and cleaning needs for residential and commercial properties. Here at Perma-Guard™, we aim to be a top-notch company where people go for all their carpet, fabric, leather, and upholstery cleaning needs in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Santa Monica and Brentwood.

Did you read all that?

It was clear to us that Perma Guard™ needed to have a simpler message to connect with the audience. They needed a major change to roar in a crowded marketplace.

We conducted hours of interviews with the owner and dug deep about the company and the industry they are in. We convinced the owner to be bold and brave.

We worked sleepless nights to generate numerous big ideas that will ignite Perma Guard’s staffs and make them stand out, so they can take the next step.

Slay the Spill. This is the new battle cry for Perma Guard™ . Perma Guard™ is your knight who will slay the spill to protect your luxury furniture.

The new brand was born.

And then the wine spill cowered up its ugly wings before it fell
silent to the mighty power of Perma-Guard’s potent solution.

Till our dying breath, we will slay the spill
& protect thy beloved contemporary on a hill.

Many failed at the breath of this monstrous spill, now one brave knight with the ultimate permanent solution would soon end this reign of terror at your bungalow.

No more would it scorch thy Roche Bubois.

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